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Medical Tourism
The objective is to promote India as a quality Healthcare destination for persons
across the globe, so as to gainfully utilize the health care expertise and infrastructure
available in the country.
Scope of Health Tourism and present status in India
Health Tourism holds immense hope. The Indian systems of medicines, i.e.
Ayurveda, Yoga, Panchakarma, Rejuvenation Therapy, etc. are among the most
ancient systems of medical treatment, of the world. India can provide Medical and
Health care at international standard at comparatively low cost. Southern States of
India, especially Kerala, has developed Health Tourism as one of the products for the
promotion of tourism in Kerala. Health Tourism has also been promoted as one of
the USP’s of the State. Most of the hotels/resorts are coming up with the Ayurveda
Centres as an integral part. Most of the foreign tourists are now coming to India only
for Ayurveda. The leading tour operators have included Ayurveda in their brochures.
Promoting Health Tourism worldwide
The growth of Medical and Health Tourism in India can be much higher if
adequate focus is given to Health and Medical Tourism. Some of the main
advantages that India has are as under:
• It has world-class doctors and hospitals
• The cost of the treatment is a fraction of cost in the source markets
• There is no waiting period for various medical processes
• Increasing popularity of India as a tourist destination in the west
• Eastern Healthcare Wisdom along with the expertise of Western